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Soft Toy Making

Soft toys are toys sewn from textile and stuffed with some soft material inside. Soft toy making as a hobby is both pleasurable and popular, especially among women. It is a skill that grows with practice.

Soft toy making can be a profitable venture for the hobbyist. Toys are immensely popular with kids using them to cuddle, adults using them as cushions and organisations using them as mascots. The beginner can begin by first gathering the raw materials.

Felt, velvet, flannel, tweed etc that can be cut into shape and are clean can be rich sources of material for making soft toys. The choice of filling can range from kapok to sheep-wool, wadding, sawdust, nylon and rag scraps and foam. While kapok is the most suitable of them all, sheep-wool too is good (provided it has been washed and cleaned). Wadding is expensive and tends to get lumpy. Foam is ideal as a filling too while nylon and rags unnecessarily make the toy heavy.

Tools like needles, pins, threads, scissors, thimble and a cardboard should be kept handy. The cardboard is for pattern making. Though patterns can be purchased, it is recommended that you make one of your own. Use stitches like stab-stitching, top-sewing etc and stuff as little filling as possible at a time. A sewing machine is not mandatory for soft toy making and you can stitch the toy manually with your own hands. While placing the ears and eyes, make sure you do so correctly. If necessary, look at pictures to ensure you position the eyes and ears correctly. Children's books can come in handy at times like this.

Add trimmings to the end creation like bows, hat, scarves, fruits etc to create a finished product that is more pleasing to the eye.

Soft toys are generally made for kids and children so materials and fillings that are not absolutely clean should be avoided. Such materials pose threat to a child's health. If nylons and rugs are being used to stuff the toy, all such scraps should be boiled to make them sterile. Since children have a tendency to chew and put everything in their mouth, make sure you follow the common safety regulations while making stuffed toys.

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