1599945687 Create your Portfolio/Proposal and WIN upto Rs 10,000. Hurry Up.

How to win prize money on HobbyLancer

Rules and Regulations:

1. If you have any hobby, create a portfolio or proposal with minimum 4 photos and description.

For tutorial on how to create portfolio, Click here.

For tutorial on how to create proposal, Click here.

After your portfolio/proposal is approved by admin, you will get Scratch Card with assured prize money upto 1000 INR. Your prize money will be added your wallet on Hobbylancer which you can withdraw to your bank account.

2. Once you register on HobbyLancer.com, you get a referral code. Anyone joining using your code and creating their first approved proposal or portfolio, you will get scratch card with assured prize money upto 1000 INR.

3. Hobbyists getting maximum likes weekly will also receive scratch card with assured prize money upto 10,000 INR.

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