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Fish Keeping

Man has a protracted history of domesticating animals for their own purpose. These animals can vary from cats, dogs, cows, bulls to even fishes. Archaeological evidence of fish-keeping takes us back to the history of the Sumerians (2500 BC) and the Babylonians (500 BC). Egyptians considered fish sacred and revered it, worshiping the Nile Perch among others. Romans also kept fishes in tanks but not for decorative and embellishing purposes as the Chinese; tanks were used to keep the fish fresh for the dinner table! The Chinese kept carp and started breeding them meticulously during the Sung Dynasty. Citizens of the dynasty were even forbidden from having them. Ornamental goldfish made their way into Europe by 1691.

With so many different species of fish (and further breeding within the different species) and the amelioration of aquariums, it is not surprising how trendy fish keeping as a hobby has become. With the inauguration and of the Public Aquaria at the London Zoological Gardens at Regents Park in 1853, fish keeping as a hobby reached a new level of interest and importance.Till the 1920s, other than the highly developed and advanced goldfish and carp kept in Asia, most fishes kept in tanks were captured in the wild.Up until the 1950s, most commercial fish breeders needed to establish themselves close to their demands.

Theintroduction of the omnipresent gold fish bowl made fish keeping immediately accessible to the commonalty. The independently affluent were no longer the only ones enjoying fish keeping as an indoor hobby. In the 1960s, fish keeping as a hobby grew and enhanced as the industry went from tanks with glass frames to glass sealed tanks allowing for better waterproofing. Further innovations involve the onset of the acrylic tank, which is more lightweight, crack resistant and can be moulded into different shapes besides the basic rectangle glass tank.

Fish keeping is one of the earliest forms of relaxation. Home aquariums are becoming more and more popular every day. Investing in a home aquarium can be a great experience for the entire family and is relatively easy to take care of. It is a gratifying and a relaxing hobby, however looking after the fish properly in a perfect manner requires the same involvement as looking after any other animal. There is also a growing trend in rearing fish for personal consumption and through aquaponics.

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