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Compose Music

Some people are born sensitive to sounds and have a connection to music that is hard to let go. Music is food for the soul and there is almost something soothing about listening to the various sounds in tune to one's mood. It is said that man's attraction to music and sounds begins in the womb where, enclosed in silence, the echo of the heart beating rhythmically triggers his need for melody. Composing music is one of the creative ways of expressing oneself and composing can be a journey of self-discovery and realisation for the composer.

The process of creating an original score, musical or piece of music is referred to as music composition. People who compose music are called composers and you can indulge in composing pieces solely for yourself and your own personal pleasure. Yet many a great composer has made a career out of composing music and gained prominence with their absolutely wonderful compositions. You can choose to be a professional, an amateur or just 'the hobbyist'.

As a composer, computer based composing and producing will be an integral part of the process. Music creation software, computers, headphones and technology are used today to create and record compositions. Compose while playing an instrument or write down your music away from it. The beginner can start by learning music theory- chords, scales, rhythms, notes and also familiarise himself with the instruments he wishes to use while composing. Certain skills are unique to certain instruments and playing an instrument along with composing can serve as a wonderful outlet for your creativity.

Inspiration for music can come from anywhere- a sudden inspiration may strike you at the most unlikely moment and a person's feelings and personal life may serve as a huge influential factor while composing music. Various genres of music exist and new genres can serve as inspirations too. While some composers prefer to restrict themselves to a certain genre others are willing to experiment with different types of music. Professionals compose music for television shows, movies while great musicians compose and perform at their own concerts. Amateurs as skilled as professional may choose not to make a career out of music. Yet with the increasing focus on following your heart and passion and the growing opportunities people are indulging more and more in careers which serve their own personal tastes and hobby.

Hobbylancer and You

At Hobbylancer, find useful tips, tutorials and books to get started on your hobby. Connect with professionals, upload your music, join music theory classes and learn from expert composers. For the beginner, dedication and continuous practice is a must if you are serious about composing music. Be sensitive to the sounds and music around you and if you wish, you can take up music in a university or college to study music more extensively.

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