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Nail Art

Nail art is an art of enhancing the beauty of nails. In this type of art, the nails are decorated with various types of colours, designs and patterns. It is a type of artwork that is done on the nails of hands and feet. Nail art is usually done after manicures or pedicures. These are a kind of beauty treatment that is done on hand and feet to shape, clean and polish the nails and to soften the skin.

As beauty embraces with style and personality of an individual, it is very important to update yourself with the fashion race of the society. With all other areas of beautician, nail art is also in fashion nowadays. Women love being perfect. So many women groom themselves up from head to toe to make feminine features more prominent. Nail art provides perfect finishing to one’s hand and toe. This is one of the perfect options for those who are fascinated with perfection. It can give you colour to your moods. You may match your nail colour and pattern with changing nature and surroundings. There are classic look, trendy look, striped look, vibrant messy colour look, floral designs, nail stickers wrapping, matte look, glitter look and many more. This nail art has a variety of techniques such as Sponge Bobbing, Stencil Method, Airbrush technique, Water Marble technique etc.

Nail polish first originated in China. With the invention of modern nail polish, the nail care industry has also improved tremendously. With the rise of internet and social media usage, the nail art has become a popular trend among women. Nail art is commonly done from various parlors and shopping malls. In some places separate salons for nail art can also be seen. Currently, many nail art artists are working independently. Some of them have their own YouTube channel, Instagram or other social media to take their business to the pinnacle of success.

At HobbyLancer, you will come across various new designs and patterns adorned by beauticians world wide. If you are a nail artist, you may post your proposals on here and will surely get admirers contacting you.

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