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Fine Arts & Prints

Collecting works of art can be a rejuvenating and unique experience that comes with a lot of benefits. Art is a form of expression of the creative and imaginative human mind in visual form on canvas or any other media to produce works like paintings and sculpture with deep aesthetic and emotional draw.

So how to go about collecting art? One of the main reasons behind an enthusiast collecting art should be genuine interest. Collect art because it adds more meaning to your life and because it moves you in some way. Art galleries are wonderful places to develop a taste for art and learn more about various art forms. Visit as many galleries as possible and get on their mailing list.

You do not need to be rich to start collecting art. One can always start small and grow from there. Young emerging artists sell their works at much lesser prices and you may actually find yourself in possession of wonderful art works by contemporary artists. Local art museums and non-profit art centres house some of the best collections and serve as great educational platforms for collectors.

To collect meaningful art, one must learn as much as possible about art itself. As a beginner, attend Art fairs and expos besides reading books on the history of arts and collection. Research efficiently any piece of art that you wish to buy. Decide if you want to restrict your collections to a particular art form or collect different works of art from different genres.

As a collector do not be afraid to express yourself. Art bought at garage sales and second hand stores can also re-define your taste in the same. Do not try to mimic the taste of others when it comes to art. Buy only what you like and build up your own collection in a way that reflects your unique tastes.

Prints are also hugely popular among art collectors. It is the process of creating artwork on paper by printing. Printmaking is not the just the photographic reproduction of a painting but each print has an element of originality in itself as each print varies to an extent from the other in some way.

Folk arts of indigenous cultures, cultural artefacts, sculptures etc are also art collectibles and find numerous patrons who appreciate such genres and collect the same.

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At Hobbylancer, interact with artists and collectors from around the world, find galleries and art museums in your locality and display your collection for other collectors to see. Connect with contemporary artists, appreciate and buy their works, sell or auction off your collection and add unconventional works of art to your assemblage. Express yourself through art and grow as a collector only at Hobbylancer.

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