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Essentially, camping is an outdoor activity that involves living temporarily in tents, caravans, motor-homes etc. But it would be more appropriate to widen the definition by stating that camping means abandoning the obligations and bonds of social life to reconnect with nature in its most primitive form. This may mean leaving behind your apartment and renting your own motor-home, setting up a tent in some nearby forest and fishing for your dinner, hiking through the hills or backpacking through some treacherous landscape. Camping may be combined with any number of outdoor activities and its appeal lies in going back to our natural ways away from the comforts of urban life.

So the hobbyist in you is all ready to set out on their first ever camping trip. One of the best options for beginners is to go camping with a seasoned camper the very first time. You can choose to use a tent as a shelter or opt for a RV (recreational vehicle). Other prerequisites include sleeping bags, a cooler, charcoal (keep a bag handy) and spatula. Camping gear like tents, sleeping bags come reasonably and moderately priced and proper care and maintenance can go a long way towards making your camping gear last a long time.

Campgrounds can be public or private. Public campgrounds are run by government agencies which include national parks and forests, state parks etc. Private campgrounds are owned by certain citizens or businesses. Public campgrounds are the best as they provide you with the perfect natural escape with scenic lands and an abundance of nature.

Camp at higher grounds so that if it rains, the water does not accumulate beneath the tent and flows away from it. Water is one of the most essential necessities while camping and you will need it for drinking as well as cooking. So make sure you set up camp near a water source. For cooking, choose a flat ground with no dry leaves and twigs nearby. Also do not leave an unattended campfire burning.

While camping, it is important not to harm the natural flora and fauna of the place. Use bio-degradable soaps and dump gray water and other waste only at designated sites. And do not forget to take in all that nature has to offer. Watch the night sky, listen to the insects and breathe in the clean air.

Hobbylancer and You

At Hobbylancer, share your camping experiences, find camping areas in your locality and connect with other campers to find out the best sites for camping. Campsites can advertise and encourage amateurs through workshops to explore and reconnect with nature. Sell off your camping gear or purchase sturdy old gear from other campers at lower costs than stores. Discover, learn, grow and get so much more with us at Hobbylancer.

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