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Social Work

Social work is an effort to enhance the functioning of a society by providing assistance and aid in case of need or upliftment. It is considered as a voluntary non-profit act towards individuals, families, groups, and communities leading to self-reliance and betterment. Social working mainly involves social roles to the country, state, immediate social environment, and the society at large. Social work is also concerned with broader social issues such as poverty, unemployment and domestic violence.

Social Workers activities

Social workers works as members of a team or on a one-to-one basis with some target in mind. The duties performed by social workers are dependant on the domain they work on.

In Health-Care services, social workers are involved in counselling of various families in need and also assist seniors. Starting from immunisation, vaccination, supply food for flood or pandemic affected areas are various activities performed by social workers. Some social workers do provide paid services when it comes to private practices which include counselling, psychological sessions, and employee assistance programs.

Child Welfare mainly involves determination of in-need children, youth and their family. They strive to identify the problems and tries to find a solution. Social workers aim to provide a safe and secure environment for children and youths to make progress in life.

Clinical Social Work/Mental Health specialists are one of the nation’s largest groups which provides mental health services in both rural and urban areas.

Occupational Social Working play a vital role in employee assistance (EAP) and helps organizations to replan and make the best of the employees. This helps to improve efficiency, productivity, and creativity among employees and in turn making profit for the organisation. They also try and find out concerns among the employees and try and solve any conflict with the management.

School Social Work mainly helps in the emotional growth and help develop innovative skills among students. The schools for specially abled help for the betterment for the children. Special aid and gifts are distributed among all the students to enhance their interest in students.

Community social workers mainly concentrates on the betterment of society and the individuals. They help youths to find job and also chalks out plans for betterment of the people's lives.

Criminal justice social workers are the people who focuses on providing justice to people on various grounds like domestic violence, social injustice, acid attack victims and other discriminations.

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