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Carpentry is a craft of making or creating items made of wood. The primary work of this craft is the cutting, shaping, and installation of building materials for constructing something creative. Be it creating your own furniture, or a boat, this hobby is all fun. Carpenters originally used to work with natural wood for mainly framing also called timber framing, However, these days there are many new additions to this process making it easier and more perfect. There are special classes for carpentry these days for skilling this hobby. For more skilled carpenters, normally undertake 4 years of apprenticeship training and qualify by successfully completing the country's competence test. This is common in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and South Africa. This skill can also be learned with practical work experiences.

Types of Carpentry

1. Rough carpentry is one of the types where a neat finish is not required as it will be covered by walls or other items. 

2. Finish carpentry refers to all work that is visible to people and these works require more detailing. The items requiring better finishing include decking, flooring, building staircases, installing windows and doors, and so on.

3. Formwork carpentry is mainly done for erecting and dismantling the form of any structure. It is required for the pouring of concrete. The formwork is the structure that holds the concrete in place after which it is dismantled.

4. Cabinetmaking is the branch where the main focus is the creation of cabinets and furniture. This requires high detailing and polishing.

5.Ship's carpentry is the one that specializes in shipbuilding and repair work. However, this is a big work and cannot be done by a single person.

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