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Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks forms a base for almost everyone. No one can survive without food. However many people take this category to another level and it is one of the most popular hobby category. Food & Drinks varies from Cooking, Baking to Wine Tasting to Food Blogging and Dietitians.

Cooking or cookery is an art, science, technology and craft of preparing food for consumption. There are various cooking techniques. The ingredients vary widely across the world, from food grilled over an open fire to using electric stoves.

Various Methods of cooking are - Roasting, Baking, Boiling, Frying, Steaming, Smoking

Baking is also another form of cooking, but mainly indicates baking cakes, breads in various types of ovens, reflecting unique environmental, economic, and cultural traditions and trends.

Dietitians are the doctor of healthy leaving. Bietations are the experts who knows which ingredients should be consumed and in what quantity for healthy living. Proper levels of Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, water and minerals can help people to be healthy for life.

Drink (or beverage) is a liquid intended for human consumption. In addition to their basic function of satisfying thirst, drinks play important roles in human culture. Common types of drinks include plain drinking water, milk, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice and soft drinks.

Drinking is considered a popular hobby and many people also make a living out of it.

Wine Tasting is a popular drinking hobby cum job. The alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer, and liquor, which contain the drug ethanol, have been part of human culture for more than 8,000 years. Before bringing any product to market, professional Wine Tasters are summoned upon for their view.

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