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Stamps Collecting

Stamp collection is one of the most popular hobbies in the world and involves the collection of stamps. Penny Black was the first postage stamp issued by Britain in 1840 that contained the picture of a young Queen Victoria. Collection of stamps began almost immediately after and continues to the present day. Stamps are a part of history. Stamps of a place can help one learn the culture, history and traditions associated with the place and are important tools if you wish to discover the history of a country or region.

A stamp collector can choose to be a generalist or specialise in a certain area. A generalist collects a wide range of stamps whereas a collector who chooses to specialize in a certain area may limit his collection to postal stamps or topical stamp collecting. Postage stamps are stamps belonging to certain countries or time periods. Topical stamp collection is thematic collection based on popular themes like animals, butterflies, birds, flowers, art, sports, Olympics, maps, space, ships, people etc. Other areas include Machins (stamps with the picture of Queen Elizabeth), Precancels (cancelled before placing on mail), Perfins, classics etc.

You could start your collection with stamp packets. Stamp dealers and stores offer them at affordable prices and are good to start your own new collection. Ask family members, local business men and relatives in other countries to help add to your collection. Buy new ones at the post office and join a club to swap duplicates with other collectors. As your collection grows decide if you wish to be a generalist or limit your collection to a certain area. Keep a catalogue and try to discover the history behind the stamps you collect.

Stamp tongs can be used to handle stamps carefully. Usually tongs with rounded edges are preferred for the purpose. You could use a magnifying glass to view and study the finer details and store stamps in albums. The stamps need to be attached to the pages of an album. A simple way to do this is to use stamp hinges which are economical although some collectors prefer costlier hinge-less mounts. This usually happens when the stamps are rare and valuable. Another alternative is a stock-book. Here the stamps can be placed inside transparent, clear pockets without the need for a mount. Stamps should be stored away from light, heat and moisture.

You can display your stamps according to country, topic, or even size, in-order to create a display that meets your expectations. There are no rules and it is entirely a matter for the individual collector to decide.

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