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A drink (or beverage) is a liquid meant for human consumption. Not only does it satisfies thirst, drinks play important roles in human culture. Common types of drinks include plain drinking water, milk, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice and soft drinks. Additionally, alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer, and liquor, (containing the drug ethanol), have been part of human culture for more than 8,000 years.

Juice is a drink made from the extraction or pressing of the natural liquid contained in fruit and vegetables. Clam juice is often made from meat or sea food. Juice is commonly consumed as a beverage, as for smoothies.

A smoothie is a drink made from pureed raw fruit and/or vegetables, typically using a blender. Smoothies may be made using other ingredients, such as crushed ice, sweeteners, vinegar, (honey or sugar), whey powder, chocolate or nutritional supplements, among others by personal choice.

A milkshake, or simply shake, is a drink that is usually made by blending milk, ice cream, and flavorings or sweeteners such as butterscotch, caramel sauce, chocolate syrup, fruit syrup, or whole fruit into a thick, sweet, cold mixture.

Coffee drink are of different brews, beans, and types, that you probably won’t be able to taste them in one lifetime. Some of the popular types of coffee include Black Coffee, Espresso, Milk Based Coffee, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Iced And Cold Coffees, Dalgona coffees, etc.

Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub (bush) native to East Asia. After water, it is the most widely consumed drink in the world. There are many different types of tea; some, like Darjeeling and Chinese greens, have a cooling, slightly bitter, and astringent flavour. Tea has a stimulating effect in humans primarily due to its caffeine content. Popular types of tea include Green tea, Black tea, Herbal tea, Oolong, White tea, Fermented tea, Yellow tea, Bubble tea.

Cocktails are alcoholic drinks made by mixing an alcoholic drink with soft drinks, fruit juices or other alcoholic drinks. So, it is made of two or more ingredients, e.g. a spirit base, flavoring ingredient, colouring ingredient or a modifier.

Non-alcoholic drinks often signify drinks that would normally contain alcohol, such as beer and wine, but are made with a sufficiently low concentration of alcohol by volume.

Mocktail is a mixed, non-alcoholic drink, i.e. it does not contain alcohol or any type of spirit. It is made by mixing different fruit juices, soft drinks, iced tea etc. It is called mocktail as it mocks or looks like cocktails.

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