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Bowling, is a game of holding a humongous ball with a goal to knock over ten pins at the end of an alley. The sport of bowling spans more than 90 countries and is played by over 95 million people across the world. The history of bowling dates back to the Ancient Egypt and also the Roman Empire where husk balls, leather balls, etc were used. Modern day Pin bowling was first established in New York in 1895. Besides being a fun game, bowling helps in strengthening of muscles, burning fat, etc.

In pin bowling, the goal is to knock the pins at the lane end. A strike is achieved when all the pins are knocked down on the first roll, and a spare is achieved if all the pins are knocked over on a second roll.

Lanes have a wood or synthetic surfaces with lubricating oil for protection. Common types of pin bowling include ten-pin, candlepin, duckpin, nine-pin, five-pin and kegelIn target bowling, the aim is usually to get the ball as close to a mark as possible.

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