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Sailing is perhaps one of the most terrific and exhilarating hobbies of today. A hobby to indulge in if you are a lover of adventure and seek to explore the unexplored, sailing can be a wonderful way to let go of all that stress and tension. All those who yearned to discover what lay on the other side of the sea and who dared to leave those shores with the hope of finding new horizons were none but patrons of sailing. But the age of Columbus and Da Gama is long gone and sailing has emerged from the claws of what some used to call a 'dangerous expedition' to a well established modern day outdoor activity. Contemporary sailing involves minimum risks and maximum fun. With traffic authorities patrolling waters back and forth to ensure safety and constant monitoring of water activities, let go of your inhibitions and set out on an irresistible journey beneath the blue skies.

What makes sailing so special? And what has contributed to the increasing popularity of this activity in recent years?

Firstly, sailing is an inexpensive sport. Though it appears that affording a ride on a cruise is just not the kind of thing for the bourgeois, but a conscientious effort might just pay off as various business firms involved in providing offshore trips are looking to make these more accessible to customers. Or still better, opt for a canoe, a kayak, a dinghy or a raft! Local schools and institutions are coming up with courses on sailing and guided tours for passengers interested in the activity.

Sailing can be a thoroughly exhilarating experience. The sea breeze lifts your spirits and fills you with a sense of joy and contentment. Sailboat racing, a sport with mounting popularity, has caught the fancy of sailors from all age groups where boats of similar or different categories compete or race against each other.

Sailing can remain confined to short trips across the bay, day-sailing, coastal cruising and 'blue water cruising'. One may even set out on a voyage across the sea. These days hi-tech cruisers with all the comforts and luxury of urban lifestyle can be booked for parties.

Sailing provides an excellent opportunity to refresh the mind and get some much needed exercise. A family trip with each and every member working rigorously to make the trip a successful one can be a wonderful experience. Even children can be a part of the trip, but only with the right training. If you cannot afford to go on a weekend offshore trip due to scarcity of time and work, enjoy a simple family dinner in a grand flotilla!

Nature has priceless surprises in store for the adventurous; one only needs to step out of their comfort zones (or respective latitudes and longitudes for that matter) to unravel those surprises and set sail on an adventure of a lifetime. If Vasco Da Gama had simply stared at the sea and wondered what lay beyond, the sea would have forever remained a mystery to him. Had Darwin not taken that wondrous journey on the 'HMS Beagle' he would never have unraveled the mysteries of our origin.

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