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A model promotes, displays and advertises commercial products or poses for works of art and photography. The word 'model' comes from the French word 'modelle'. Modelling assignments may be categorised into fashion, glamour, fitness, fine art, bikini and commercial print models. Featured in a number of media formats, models may also appear in films, television shows and music videos.

Careers in modelling are very much sought after today mainly due to the glitz and glamour that comes associated with the job. With a scope for both male and female models, the industry today has no dearth of assignments and products for the models to endorse. As fashion, TV, films and advertising industries are growing by the day, the range of jobs is no longer restricted to just the fashion and ad industry. Models are getting noticed increasingly by the film fraternity and today many models are managing successful careers both in the fashion and film industry.

Modelling can broadly be divided into print modelling, ramp modelling and televised modelling. A print model is someone who models and poses for pictures that will be used in publications like newspapers, magazines, bill boards and brochures. Ramp and catwalk modelling involves walking on ramps for fashion designers, jewellery designers etc. These three categories are the most important categories while other smaller assignments may not be that lucrative for a model's career.

To be a good model, one must be ready to face tough competition and be dedicated. Models have short lived careers with the field being so increasingly competitive. Physical attributes like a good looking and photogenic face, height, body structure and posture are given more importance over mental attributes. A high level of patience and perseverance in addition to good networking skills and professional ethics are important to succeed in this career.

A beginner can opt for modelling courses to build personality, confidence and groom himself/herself in the right way to get noticed. Such courses also help build your ramp image, correcting your posture in the process and providing important tips for posing before the camera. A model should know how to carry themselves so that the value of the product/clothing is enhanced overall.

If you love posing before the camera and possess a natural poise and grace with the right physical attributes, modelling is just the thing for you.

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