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Music Collectibles

Music collectibles involve collecting old records (vinyl/gramophone), music CDs, jukeboxes, audio tapes, musical instruments etc. Hobbyists who are into collecting music may gather massive collections of vinyl records or CDs covering a broad range of music or may restrict their collections to records of particular artists or songs of interest.

With the advent of the digital age, music collection has lost some of its uniqueness with collections becoming more about quantity than quality. There is little for the music collector to collect and the hobby is becoming increasingly non-existent.

Vinyl records or gramophone records are the most popular music collectibles. A record is storage medium for analog sound in the form of a disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove. Also known as phonograph records, hobbyists attach a lot of sentimentality to collecting records. It is almost like a sacred ritual in itself; pulling the record from the sleeve and playing it on the turntable.

Today, even though CDs, DVDs, Mp3s and iPods have replaced vinyl records as storage mediums, vinyl records still have a dedicated fan following and music companies are releasing vinyl records in addition to CDs and Mp3s. For some, record collection is like an obsession. Classics like Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Bob Marley, etc are the treasures and hobbyists visit garage sales, flea markets, rummage sales, auctions by collectors etc in search of such records. Some collect for the financial profit that such collectibles harness while still others attach nostalgia to their collections.

Compacts discs on the other hand are digital storage mediums for music. Not as popular as the collection of vinyl records, CDs as audio tangibles are also collected by enthusiasts.

Jukeboxes are valuable and significant additions to a collector's collection. Vintage in the true sense of the world, the 1950s saw the demise of the jukebox. Jukeboxes were coin-operated music playing devices that received the newest songs and played them on demand. It can be a priceless addition to the collector's compilation depending on the condition it is in.

Other collectibles include audio cassettes, vintage musical instruments like analog synthesizers, valve amplifiers and vintage guitar, covers of music albums, posters and tickets of old concerts, etc.

For the beginner, music collection can be relatively tough today with vinyl records becoming increasingly rare and all music compacted into single devices like iPods, MP3s etc. However, music companies are yet again releasing vinyl records in addition to digital formats to meet the demand for tangible records amongst collectors and enthusiasts.

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