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Song Writing

Does music and lyrics bring out the best in you? Do your words tend to blend with sounds and rhythms? Does inspiration strike you at the most unexpected moment and you can't help but pen down those thoughts as part of a music playing in your head? Then this page is dedicated to you, the songwriter, who enthrals so many with the power of words.

Music lovers are bound to feel the urge to write songs at some point or the other. There's no need to wait and you can begin almost immediately if the same urge now drives you to change lives with your songs. Song writers play with powerful lyrics, changing an entire song with just their words. A song needs to strike a chord with the audience the first time it is heard. A tune that grabs hold of their attentions and lyrics that they can relate strongly to are the makings of a great song.

As song writer, the first thing to do would be to check if the sounds of the words fit right in with the tunes and genre so that the song feels complete. Make sure to note down nice phrases and words whenever you hear them. You never know how and when it can transform a song or come in handy when you are working with something new. Give it a good title and start working on the chorus. The structure of a song is an important consideration when writing lyrics and the chorus should be catchy while the beginning and ending lines of the verse should stand out. Listen to classics and pay attention to their lyrics. Classics can be a wonderful way to inspire the song writer in you.

Instead of being consistent with your lyrics, add dynamicity to your songs. Let it peak at certain points and subside at others. This builds the right amount of tension and keeps the audience enthralled. Most importantly, write from the heart. Let your emotions flow through the song. Do not provide all the answers in a song, keep the listener questioning and draw them in with curiosity and sounds. You can also collaborate with others to write songs. Work out your weaknesses and fill those gaps with the strengths of another song writer. Last but not the least, get a rhyming dictionary. You don't want to traverse the entire alphabet of a language in search of the perfect rhyming sound.

Hobbylancer and You

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