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Painting & Drawing

Painting is the expression of art, imagination, emotions and spirituality in the form of colours on canvas. Drawing, on the other hand, is a visual art on paper or canvas using pencils, pens, inks etc. Intricately related to each other, painting and drawing can serve as a wonderful source of contentment and joy for the hobbyist. Sketching, painting and drawing reveals the inherent artistic competence hidden in each individual and can burst forth massively in the form of colours.

A beginner may be blessed with the natural aptitude to portray his art through paints and colours. Enrolling thus, for painting classes is one of the first steps towards exploring your talent. While working with pencil, ink, charcoal, acrylics, oil paints and water colours, the artist in you might show natural adroitness for a special painting/drawing style. Hone your preferred art style, analyse your works critically and work on your weaknesses.

A good teacher can work wonders for the more technical aspects of your drawing skills. One cannot paint if there is no sketch to paint upon. Sketching itself is an art form that uses various shades of light and shadow or outlines to express landscapes, inanimate objects, human profiles, scenery and portraits. As a painter, however, your approach to drawing may differ from the conventional.

The artist's tools include the easel, palette knives, varnish, pencils, charcoal, acrylic, ink, etc. In recent times, street painting and 3D art has become increasingly popular. Street artists the world over are combining pavement art with 3D to come up with absolutely stunning visuals. Perspective is one of the most important factors to take into consideration and involves deciding on the viewing point of the picture. It then includes plotting everything from the observer's view and creating visual illusions to create 3D art.

Painting is nothing but perception and intensity. It is the representation of different points in space using intensity that is expressed using colours. Colour and tones in harmony with perception is as crucial as the information in the art and works towards enhancing the aesthetic pleasure obtained from paintings. A work of art can only hold your attention if the entire elements contained in it are in rhythm enhancing what the artist wishes to portray through his paintings and sketches.

Hobbylancer and You

At Hobbylancer, display your works, interact with celebrated artists and discover teachers in your locality. Organise workshops on painting; attend workshops on 3D art, glass and ceramic painting, sketching, oil painting and acrylics and post videos and pictures of your very own masterpieces. Spread the joy of colour with us at Hobbylancer.

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