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The page is dedicated to the hobbyist who loves antiques. There is something surreal about owning something with a real history, is it not? The timelessness adds more dimension and quality and to have a real piece of history to hold on to in this age where everything has turned so soulless is a miracle in itself. Most antiques have a story to tell. An antique may retell a bloody war that left only the furniture intact in the house or a beautiful evening that saw lovers come alive over a cup of tea. It may be as simple as a coin that afforded two more days to live to a dying man or as fancy as a desk where hundreds of characters came alive whilst a rebel scribbled down her stories. Or even more fantastic would be a piece of khaki that saw an entire nation rise up in rebellion. Antiques are memories of the human journey kept alive.

The first question you may find asking yourself at this point (if you are not an antique collector yet) is 'What are Antiques?' To pin-point a certain category would be difficult as antiques can be anything- historical artefacts and documents, furniture, decor, jewellery, cars, bottles, etc- that atleast dates back a 100 years. However, the term antiques can be used more loosely today to refer to collectibles that are considered 'olde world'. Collecting antiques can be both rewarding and satisfying and in some cases, strong emotional attachments from the past act as a trigger behind such collections. What a collector first needs to find out is their choice of antique collectibles. Choose a subject that interests you and slowly start to build your collection. Visit antique stores and auctions, ask around and interact with other collectors to know about an antique of interest. Talk to them about your own collection and create connections. When learning how to collect antiques, you can start with as little or as much money as you wish to invest. How much you spend depends on the type of antique or collectible you purchase and the condition it is in. It is important to keep in mind that the better the condition the higher the price. Avoid impulsive purchases and research well before purchasing an antique so that you are paying for the genuine article. But do not forget to enjoy the thrill that comes with hunting down rare antiques and adding them to your collection.

The next question you are likely to find yourself asking is 'Is there any potential financial benefit to antique collection?' The answer is a big resounding yes. Anything 'olde world' that has become lost to the people has a tendency to become valuable over time. It is upto the collector to develop a knack for finding out which antiques will continue retaining their demand as supply dips lower and lower. The odds are mostly in favour of the collector as his antiques continue to brighten up his collection whilst increasing his potential financial gain over time.

Hobbylancer and You

So how does Hobbylancer interest an antique collector like you? We provide you the opportunity to not just showcase your antiques but help you find more to add to that growing collection of yours. It is a platform where antique collectors can auction off or sell their antiques and acquire others, or simply boast their immense collections. But most importantly we give you the chance to interact with other collectors and chase down rare antiques just for the thrill of it. We are the common ground, the connection between you and the community of antique collectors out there at different parts of the world. So what are you waiting for? Come share our rich beautiful history and flaunt those antiques in style right now at Hobbylancer !

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