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Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is gaining increasing popularity as more and more people are turning to writing as a source of income. Freelance writing involves writing for different magazines, newspapers, blogs, e-papers, websites etc on a contract basis without getting tied to any one particular organisation in general. With the Internet making it easier for freelancers to bag contracts worldwide, the face of freelance writing has undergone a dramatic change with the field becoming increasingly competitive and tough.

Freelance writing requires a lot of extensive and exhaustive research on topics which has thankfully become easier in recent years due to the Internet boom. You can begin freelancing right away if you have a sound grip on English or any other language and are willing to exhaustively research topics for your clients. It is also important to market your skills online and provide quality work to hold your own in this field. With numerous skilled writers around the world, it would be easy to get lost amidst the crowd if your content is not original and innovative.

While a freelancer may need to work hard to bag projects and the uncertainties of the field can scare away the bravest amongst you, freelancing comes with its own set of advantages. Most freelancers love the freedom of not being tied to one particular organisation and the comfort of working from home, coffee shops or even while travelling without being chained to a desk has its own attraction. While deadlines and content can be a bit stressful at times, the advantage of no start up cost is another smart feature of freelance writing.

The uncertainty of freelancing can be stressful at times. Steady work is hard to find in the beginning and writing requires motivation and dedication. Focus on your deadlines and stick to originality. Most importantly diversify your work, not sticking to a particular genre as that can be harmful in this increasingly competitive and dynamic field. Your clients need to know you value both their time and money and let your work be unique so that it stands out in a crowd.

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