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Gardening is for the hobbyist who desires to reconnect with nature and feel the abrasiveness of the soft earth against his palms, who wonders to seek the peace that comes from nurturing a seedling into lush green splendour and meditate on the intricacies of life as he waters the seeds hidden beneath the brown soil. Gardening as a hobby can be addictive and relaxing. Surrounded by the scent of fresh earth and silence, the manual labour of tilling the soil and caring for the plants can be therapeutic and life-changing and a wonderful way to unwind at the end of the day. Re-channel the pent up energy and stress into fostering something productive and get creative along the way.

The history of gardening can be traced back to forest gardens in ancient times, discovered along densely covered river banks and monsoon foothills. As civilizations emerged, gardens found purpose as aesthetic ornaments of the wealthy. Ancient Egyptians, Assyrians and Romans cultivated gardens and depictions of the same were uncovered in Egyptian paintings dating back to 1500 BC. The Egyptians associated gardens with deities and sanctity while the Assyrians used gardens as hunting reserves or for their leisure and aesthetic purposes. The Middle Ages saw gardening restricted to growing herbs with healing and medicinal properties and were restored for their aestheticism during the latter half of the 13th century. As gardening evolved classic symmetric gardens were succeeded by cottage gardens that triggered local gardening as a personal pursuit. Gardening in the modern era has emerged as a source of relaxation and escape from the extremely challenging and hectic demands of our lifestyle. It has also triggered interest in 'Green Gardening' that seeks to promote the use of organics as part of the gardening process.

Gardening for an amateur can be overwhelming and it is important to avoid over-watering the plants. Choose native plants over non-native species so as to drastically improve their chances of survival and shun fertilising them frequently. Get rid of invasive weeds and strike a balance between the insects and pests in your garden to the number of plants. Avoid over-crowding to let the plants breathe and make sure you till the soil properly so that it is sufficiently porous and fertile. You can also arrange for compost pits in gardens to naturally enhance the soil's manure content.

Plants need care and love and make sure you are willing to invest both when you begin. Not only do you evolve as a person, gardening triggers the more constructive and creative part of your psyche. Let gardening take over your lives and let it help you find joy as millions of seeds thrive and come alive in your care.

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