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Sewing & Stitching

The craft of fastening or attaching objects using stitches onto textile is called sewing whereas stitching involves a row of loops of thread or yarn obtained by the movement of a needle onto textile.

Sewing is one of the oldest arts which arose during the Palaeolithic era. Before the spinning yarn and weaving fabric was invented, people across Asia and Europe during the Stone Age sewed cloth using skin, bone and thread made from plant fibres or animal body parts. Sewers need just a few tools while working on simple patterns which include measuring tape, needles, thread, cloth and clippers. More complicated patterns may require a few more tools like attachment for ruffles, hem repair glue etc.

While sewing patterns onto garments, fabrics and other textile, a number of stitching patterns can be used. These include backstitch, blanket stitch, cable knitting and chain stitch, cross stitch, embroidery, garter and lock stitch. Backstitch involves individual stitches made in the backward direction that is against the general direction of stitching. Such stitches are mostly used to outline shapes.

Chain stitch is a stitching technique that involves a series of looped stitches. They are mostly used in making macramé and crochets besides needle-lace and tambour. They are also used as techniques for embroidery. Other common stitches used in embroidery include running and back stitches, button-hole and feather stitches, cross stitch, knotted stitch etc.
Cross stitch involves X shaped stitches in a tiled textile and is a popular form of counter thread embroidery. The stitches are uniform in size and appearance.

If you are a beginner, it might be difficult to sew evenly spaces hand stitches in a line. As a guide, you may machine-baste a line of stitches and use it as a base to do your own. Pull out the machine stitches few at a time and follow the holes left behind. Watch online tutorials and find sewing and stitching hacks online. There are numerous sites and blogs online that offer tips and advice on easy stitching techniques for beginners. Begin with simple stitching methods like running and cross stitch and move on to more complicated patterns.

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