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Music & Performing Arts

Music is an art form where medium is sound. Its a demonstration how a sound can be pleasing to the ears when orchestrated in rhythm. Music is defined by common elements such as pitch (which controls the melody and harmony), rhythm (associated with tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics (loudness and softness), and the sonic qualities.

Music is performed with a vast range of instruments and vocal techniques. It ranges from singing to rapping; from playing instruments to recitation; from writing a song to performing in a theatre.

Ancient Greek and Indian philosophers defined music in two parts: melodies, as tones ordered horizontally, and harmonies as tones ordered vertically. Music is considered ordered and pleasant to listen to. Thus originated the common sayings such as "the harmony of the spheres" and "it is music to my ears".

"Composition" is an act or passion of creating any rhythm or tone such as song, poem, an instrumental music piece, or a combination of both singing and instruments, or another type of music. It is then performed by the composer or by other singers or musicians. 

In Indian traditional music, there are many forms of musical composition, often categories by different regions of the country, such as Hindustani music, Carnatic music, Bengali music, and so forth. Folk Music is another important influence in composition of musical culture of Arabia, Persia, and Bengal.

In Hindustani musical tradition, Drupad (originally in Sanskrit and later adapted in Hindi and Braj Bhasha) is one of the ancient compositions. It had formed the base for other forms in this music tradition such as khyal, thumri and raga. In the Karnatak music tradition the compositions are in the form of Kriti, varanam and padam.

Performing arts refers to forms of art where artists use their voices, bodies or props to convey artistic expression. Performing arts include various disciplines which are performed in front of a live audience. The development of audio and video recording has allowed for private consumption of the performing arts. The performing arts often aims to express one's emotions and feelings. Performing arts may include dance, music, opera, theatre and musical theatre, magic, illusion, mime, spoken word, puppetry, circus arts.

At HobbyLancer, explore the various forms of Music and Performances. You will learn and come across various talent people who have been practicing this hobby for years. May be you find your next hobby here. If you are a performer, share your best works and you may find more opportunities. 

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