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Ball Sports

The category of Ball Sports is very broad. Ball sports are any sports that involve and use the balls. The ball sports are divided into three types: ball only, ball and a stick or bat, and ball over the net.

Popular Ball only games are the basketball, soccer or football , bowling, paddleball, handball, and table tennis.

Popular Ball and a stick or bat are the golf, baseball, field hockey, cricket, billiards, and softball.

Popular Ball over the net include Tennis, badminton, water polo, pickleball, and volleyball.

Cricket is a bat and ball sport involving 11-players on each team side. Objective is to hit a ball bowled at high speeds towards the edge of the circular field. The game is played in several formats like - Test Cricket (5-day cricket), One Day (1-day cricket comprising of 50 overs), and T20 (a single game comprising of twenty overs). It is one of the most popular sports in the world with billions of fans around the world mainly in England, India, the Caribbean, South Asia, and South Africa. World cups are organised for all the formats above.

Football is considered the most popular sport in the world. The game comprises of 11 players on each side. The objective of the game is the net the ball using skills to avoid obstacles. The game is normally 90 mins with a break at half time. In cases of qualifiers there is also extra time and penalties. FIFA World Cup, the world championship event of the sport is one of the most highly watched events of the year. The athletes in football are very rich and influential influential in the world.

Golf is considered to be the game of the rich. It involves hitting a ball with a golf club into a hole. The game normally involves hitting balls into 18 different holes plotted on lavish grounds. It is considered a game of focus, patience, intelligence since it requires hitting balls over large distances and taking into consideration the effect of wind speed, terrain, and ground flight on the shot.

Hockey is a popular sport where the objective is to net a ball using sticks. It is the national sport of both Pakistan and India . It is game of skill, power, and endurance. It involves two teams of eleven players and is a popular Olympic Sport.

Polo is one of the oldest known team sports played while riding horses. It originated in Manipur, India, and is very frequently played in South Asia. It is played between two teams of 3 or 4 and involves a field with two goals.

Baseball (known as America’s national pastime), is a team sport which involves hitting the baseball with a bat across the boundary and running around the bases of a diamond-shaped pitch. The game comprises nine players on either side. The biggest tournament is called the World Series and is very popular in USA, Japan, China, and Latin America.

Basketball is a popular team sport in which two teams of five players each. The objective is to score as many points by plotting the ball through a hoop. It is a indoor sport and is part of the Olympic Games. Legendary athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant play this game.

Tennis is a popular racket and ball game that involves landing a ball around a netted tennis court. The sport involves skill, accuracy, speed, endurance, and strength. This game is played single or a team of Two.

At HobbyLancer, you are sure to come across many talents playing this Ball sports all around the glove. We encourage you to participate as these games have much healthy benefits.

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