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Performing Music

Whether you are a singer, a disc jockey or a rapper you are performing music. Performing music can be exhilarating and fun. To take up singing as a profession requires regular and dedicated practice with years of training and aspiring singers devote themselves to attaining excellence in the field. But the person who wants to sing for his own pleasure or perform at the local karaoke can train less vigorously. Singing can a great outlet for expressing the inner self and a singer can choose to be a solo performer or sing as part of a band. With the wide scope and genres of music, singers can be pop singers, country singers, classical or jazz performers while versatile and talented singers perform fantastically be it any genre. For the beginner, choose a genre you want to learn and then train under a professional or online. Your instructor will be your guide and mentor and dedicated practice to pursue singing professionally is a must. You can even perform a musical instrument while singing.

A disc jockey mixes blends and modifies recorded music for the pleasure of his audiences to create funky tracks for clubs and events. To begin with, a DJ mixer kit is a must to mix songs along with records, multiple sequencer, sound system, headphones and microphones. To DJ on your own, there are many online sites that teach you the basics of DJ-ing and provide free lessons, DJ forums, and tutorials. Once you start matching beats and mixing songs, the next step is to start performing. You can perform at local clubs, birthday parties, restaurants, college fests etc and grow your audience base from there.

A rapper is a performer as well as a composer who writes his own lyrics and raps them in his own signature style. All you need to be a rapper is to be able to write great lyrics and hone your style of delivery. Some of the greatest rappers of this age started out by writing simple lyrics which grew into great libretto with quality and message. You can rap as part of a band/song or even go solo if you are successful enough.

Hobbylancer and You

To become a great artist and performer, what you need is sincere dedication and tremendous effort. At Hobbylancer, we recognise your needs and provide you opportunities to learn and grow with us. If you are an established singer, rapper or DJ, perform for events, teach amateurs, share your tutorials and earn from different platforms from around the world. Launch your own projects and connect with enthusiasts. Beginners can learn from the community and even connect with professionals and instructors in their area to learn. Reach out and fulfil your dreams with us here at Hobbylancer.

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