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Shopping is an activity where a customer/shopper browses through various items in a store or more to purchase that which they consider most suitable to their needs. With more and more people spending time in shopping malls, shopping (in recent times) is being labelled as a leisure activity and even a hobby.

Shopping as an activity often helps take your mind off stressful issues and can serve as a way to relax and release the tension in your body. It can serve as an absolutely delightful experience for the hobbyist.

The shopaholic enjoys all forms of shopping be it online, offline or window shopping. To make your shopping experience worthwhile, research the current market trend to make the most of every penny you spend. Do not restrict your shopping to just one store. Browse through a number of stores to get an idea about purchase costs. While this might not be strictly true for brand conscious shoppers, consumers shopping from street and local markets can extensively bargain and make the most of purchase deals.

Online shopping has become a huge trend with online shopping sites providing irresistible deals to the shopper. This has affected the offline stores to a certain extent, especially small retailers, who are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with the current drift. Window shopping has also emerged as a form of great recreational activity and refers to the tendency of shoppers to peruse products with no intention of purchase.

Many hobbyists can make a career out of shopping. A career in mystery shopping involves visiting stores as normal customers, asking questions and carrying out certain tasks to write reports. Such reports include writing about the quality of the goods, state of the premises, the services provided etc which are then handed to organisations that research the market, inspect companies etc. A personal shopper, on the other hand, advises clients on what to buy and what clothing to opt for.

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