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Animation is an art of using photographs, custom designs, drawing to create beautiful multimedia products and games. Animation requires the skill of a creator who has an eye for design and have ideas of how to use images or designs in sequence to create a impactful result. The creator of animation is known as Animator.

Animation is not a one step process. It involves various steps to make a successful animation. In traditional animation, animators first hand draw and paint the characters and the backgrounds are photographed. However these days most animations are created taking help of computer-generated imagery (CGI). Animation can be 2D or 3D. Computer aided animation is always very details animation. Other common animation methods include applications of paper cutouts, puppets or clay figures.

Animation, in brief, is the playing of pictures in sequence creating an illusion in combination with audio, narration and effects. Popular usage of animation in physical objects include the phénakisticope, zoetrope, flip book, praxinoscope and film. Television and video are mediums that operate digitally. For use on desktop, animated GIF and canvas, jquery are quite popular..

Animation is representation of real life or imaginary world using real or virtual characters to establish a story line and present before audience. Disney popularized the science of animation as animatronics.

At HobbyLancer, you will come across various enthusiasts who are passionate about animation. They know how to create an illusion using sequence of images. If you are an animator, use the platform to showcase your best works. This can land you a job.

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