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Backpacking is a form of low-cost travelling for the hobbyist who enjoys the outdoors and loves interacting with cultures from around the world. The traveller in you gets to discover new places, meet new people and explore the exoticness the world has to offer. To go backpacking, the first thing to keep in mind is physical fitness. Backpacking requires stamina and strength besides planning and preparation. Choose where you want to, get your gear ready and pack all necessities that might come handy while travelling.

As already mentioned, backpacking requires a lot of planning and preparation. If you plan to go backpacking through some forest for a week, the gear you pack will be very different than the gear you pack for a trip to the hills. Find yourself a map, choose a well known trail and gather as much information as to the weather of the place and terrain. You can also team up with other backpackers and groups if you do not wish to travel solo.

The gear you pack should not contain unnecessary stuff and should consist of only the essentials like water, maps of the route you want to undertake during backpacking, flash light with extra batteries, candles and matchbox, sleeping bags, mobile phone and charger, a first aid kid, pocket knife, cash, tent, a whistle, deodorant, extra clothing, cooking stove (or you can choose to create bon-fires for cooking or eat at food joints), camera, photo ID, etc. Backpacking trips can last for a couple of days to months depending on how long you want the trip to be and thereby, it is vital to pack accordingly.

Certain safety measures should be kept in mind while travelling. Inform your friends and family before you go backpacking and familiarise yourself with the culture and language of the country you are visiting if you are on an international trip. If necessary carry a guide book on communication in the language of the country. With travelling getting easier and easier, backpacking to places like Asia, Australia and Europe is becoming more and more popular. If you are going backpacking for the first time, you have to understand and prepare for the factors you might have to deal with in a new place. The food can be a problem and you might find yourself suffering from viral infections in extreme cases. Do not panic, wait it out if it isn't too serious, drink plenty of water and take adequate rest. Make sure you do not get dehydrated and clean your hands with sanitizer often.

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