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Do's and Don'ts for creating proposal

Best practices to follow while creating proposal

  1. Make sure to watch the youtube video - Click Here.
  2. There is no limitation on number of proposals you can create.
  3. Every proposal title you create should be different .
  4. Make sure to select the most relevant category and sub-category to match your proposal. This makes it easy to find
  5. Please provide description for the proposal you are creating. This will be indexed by search engines like google and will help bring more customers.
  6. Enter targeted keywords that people searching for similar proposal / service can think of. This will be indexed by search engines like google and will help bring more customers.
  7. Gallery is very important part of your proposal. Add relevant photos to represent the items you are selling (Maximum 8). People loves to see beautiful images to be attracted to contact you.
  8. If you have video on youtube, vimeo or facebook, you can add the links to your proposal. This will drive traffic to your channels. If you do not have any channel, share your videos at videos@hobbylancer.com with proper title and description, we will review and upload it for you.
  9. You can add only hobby related photos and videos. You can use your company watermark on portfolio. But no contact details allowed.
  10. Make sure all your pricing is inclusive of taxes. You are responsive to pay taxes to government accordingly. HobbyLancer is no way involved with government taxation.
  11. Deal with buyer with politeness. Be honest with payment and delivery as HobbyLancer is not involved in such transactions.
  12. Make sure the items you are selling are available.

Restrictions while creating proposal

  1. You cannot share your personal details on proposal. Neither in text, nor images. If you want to share, then go to profile settings and enable sharing of contact details.
  2. Your uploaded photos and videos should be presentable. You can not upload photos like groupie selfie.
  3. Anything you post must be related to hobby.
  4. If you fail to deliver or we receive a report of bad conduct, HobbyLancer can terminate your account anytime.
  5. If we see that orders have been cancelled due to unavailability of product, your account will be subject to cancellation. Make sure to turn on vacation mode if you are unavailable or remove items that is not availabe.

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