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Start A Band

The culture of musical ensembles dates back to the 15th century in Germany. While rock music and bands originated in the US in the 1950s, heavy metal grew as a genre of rock in the 1960s and punk rock developed in the 1970s. Jazz originated in the late 19th century and jazz ensembles playing jazz music can be traced back to prominent bands like the Louisiana Five. Rock and pop bands have become increasingly popular over the years with many local and regional music bands performing all genres at fests and festivals.

The first necessity to starting your own band is to find the right musicians. Depending on the type of band you want to be and the music you want to play. A rock band will need a guitarist, a keyboard player, drummer and bassist besides the lead. Jazz bands can be formed with three/four musicians or larger groups with sections inside the ensemble. The next step is to pick the music you wish to perform. While local bands prefer playing commercial hits, more creative and original bands prefer to stick to certain genres or invent one of their own. Perform together and make sure the band members get along and are willing to grow and learn together. A band agreement outlining the terms and conditions regarding ownership, copyright, payment, etc is the next step to curb any future disputes that may arise among band members.

One of the most important factors is the look of the band. A band's look must be unique and consistent with their genre. The name of the band should also be catchy and indicative of the type of music you play to attract the right audience. Find your own private space and practice to tune out any musical difficulties. Be willing to learn and grow as a band and if the band wants to compose music of its own, writing quality songs is a must to get noticed. Record performances and send it out to different agencies. If you wish to start small, send out records to clubs, bars, restaurants etc while still sending them out to agencies. Advertise the band through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc and make use of online platforms to highlight those gigs you secured. Buy band equipment, put up videos on You Tube and publicise your band as much as possible.

Hobbylancer and You

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