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Video Game

Video gaming is a form of gaming in which humans interact with the computer's artificial intelligence to trigger appropriate responses which appear in a two or three dimensional display. The electronic system used for the above stated purpose is called a platform which consists of the display screen, the joystick or controller, etc. Modern gaming consoles with enhanced audio visuals using 3D, motion sensitive gaming apparatus etc are being developed to amplify the gamers' gaming experience.

Video gaming is a relatively new hobby that has taken the form of an art in recent years. Choice of video games depends on the gamer's individual preference for the level of interactivity, audio and video quality, goals of the game, missions, etc. Rapid growth in technology has elevated the experience of video games to an entirely spectacular level. Impressive technologies to transform gaming into a virtual reality have been ground breaking towards making virtual world a reality.

Gaming controls and processors can be connected to television sets to get the 'Big Picture'. You can still go wild with your mission while you are on the move with your smartphones catering to your thirst for gaming. People of almost all age groups are fascinated with video games these days. Gone are the days when gaming was considered a 'child's play'. With all the complicated controls and hi-tech gadgets involved, even the big boys cannot keep their hands off the joystick.

Video games test an individual's presence of mind, hand-eye coordination and ability to react spontaneously, yet correctly. However, there are a few games which neither hone your skills nor boost your intelligence and such games have been rejected by users time and again.

Patrons of video gaming have transformed it into a form of sport with cyber games becoming increasingly popular at schools, national and even international levels. Gaming geeks can display their skills for the same and set new records, compete against each other in multiplayer mode or team up against other competitors.

Students are perhaps most addicted to gaming. What makes video games so addictive is the adrenaline gushing through your veins and the intensity of the games itself. Some players, ofcourse, prefer games with lesser violence and excitement (not that mild games are not exciting).Either way, gaming is the new cool that has the young and the old alike in its grip.

Educational games are easy, interesting and interactive which take the form of quizzes, crosswords or puzzles. However, such games are yet to evolve as attractions for the hobbyist. But none will be surprised if it replaces regular homework in due course.

Gaming is an inexpensive hobby with technology becoming cheaper by the day. Also a wide range of games are already available on the internet for instant download. Acquiring a video game has become easy with cyber stores housing large collections of games.
However, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that excessive gaming can result in eyesight issues and have severe repercussions on an individual's behavioral aspects. People involved in games that are excessively violent in nature may develop a similar attitude. Rash and reckless driving might also result from the craze for speed in racing games.

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