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Teaching is the process by which a teacher shows the correct way to build the behaviour of the pupils. It is the process by which the foundation of the future of a nation can be designed. The word teach has an indo European root which means to “show or instruct”. It is designed in such a way that it helps in holistic development of a learner. It helps in fabrication of an individual's own paradigm to see this world. It assists to construct new vision to this world in different dimensions. Teaching is the only path which could extricate all highly labyrinthine problems. Without teaching we will remain in dark ages. You can call teaching a kind of art that helps someone else to understand or know something. Again, it can be called science because here everything is explained logically.

Teachers should be a flexible person with immense capability of handling enormous pressure. They are always aware enough of their responsibilities. Because they know that if children trust someone after their parents, it is their teacher. In the same way, the parents relay on the teacher and give the responsibility of their beloved child. The main task of a teacher is to understand his student's problems and guide them accordingly.

Teaching is something in which we can relate many subjects with one another. Like mathematics with geography, geography with history, history with biology, biology with chemistry etc. And this can give a complete picture of the scenario in the mind of the student.

Nowadays it is often not possible to go to any tutor's home to study. Currently online teaching has started, where students from everywhere can connect.  Sometimes it is being taught through live videos or through videos which have already been recorded in any channel. So at present, the communication of students with the teachers is just a click away.

At HobbyLancer, you will come across various people who are passionate about teaching. You may learn from them. If you are yourself a teacher, kindly share your knowledge with the world by creating useful video or blog on any topic of your choice. You may even use internet to share knowledge worldwide.

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