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Fashion is very popular way to show expression of beauty, intelligence in combination to correct time, place and context, especially in clothes, footwear, peripheries, hair-do, makeup and others. Fashion helps you to be distinct from others. Fashion gives you personality. This is industry-supported and a big business these days. However people are kind of eager to know new products in market that can give you an edge over others. Fashion can also be influenced by culture and season. It tends to change based on tradition and festivals. As per sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, fashion is "the latest fashion, the latest difference."

Fashion is a craze among people of all ages irrespective of gender. Teenagers especially youth generally follows all the latest trends in the industry. Fashion is ever changing. it is a big industry where new products are launched almost weekly if not daily. Climate also plays important roles in fashion. Hoodies, pull overs, sweaters become trend during winter climate and places. Fashion keeps changing constantly to keep life interesting. At the same time, people should not take fashion  too seriously as it can be addictive.

Type of Fashion

Designer wear fashions are normally available in stores and boutiques. It is special designs, not that costly, but at the same time attractive.

Classic fashion are considered to be those styles that never go out of fashion. These are cheap yet elegant modes of fashion.

Street fashion are those that are designed for the masses and are normally much cheaper. This is also called Affordable fashion. The fabric quality is cheaper, but attractive. However the life of products are much less compare to others.

Ethnic fashion have traditional values imbibed in them. Different places have their own tradition which reflect in the dresses. This includes Indian Sarees, Mexican peasant blouses, Afghan coats, Japanese Kimonos, Tunics and Kaftans from the east, colorful bandanas from the gypsies.

Formal Office Wear are casual dresses that people wear for official purpose. This includes suits, matching tie for men and appropriate dresses, skirts, shirts, trousers for women.

Business Casual are fashion meant for meetings and office functions. A blazer and a matching pant with optional tie is very common among men. For women, skirts with proper blouses/tunics along with smart jacket are considered as Business Casual.

Sports Wear are the casual wears mainly meant for gyming and other sports. These clothes tend to give extra flexibility and energy. They are normally form-fitting and attractive, without losing its shape. Athleisure is a term for trendy sportswear.

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