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The term mountaineering on one hand can be peak scaling, where little skills, expertise and equipment is required to reach the summit. On the other hand, mountaineering can be expeditions to the highest peaks on earth in the most adverse conditions. Mountaineering can be a really challenging and hence rewarding and gratifying experience. It is necessary to keep in mind that it can be equally dangerous and perilous as one wants it to be as many great mountains as possible. Small scale mountaineering (hiking) is more like an afternoon trek and may involve no training or risk.

Mountaineering started off as endeavours to conquer the highest points of unexplored mountains. At present it has been categorized into areas that address different facets of the mountain and consists of three divisions: rock-craft, snow-craft and skiing, depending on which facet is selected. All require training and technical knowledge.

Mountaineering is the hobby chosen by individuals who like to challenge themselves to test their potential against the mighty mountains of nature. It is not an easy task and requires courage and strength. One just cannot take up mountaineering as a pastime out of fun. Touted as the hobby of the adventurous, mountaineering at present requires training, skill, knowledge, stamina and determination. Many beautiful and dangerously exotic mountains still remain unexplored. Mountains are seamless proofs of the greatness of nature and individuals who have an insatiable hunger to know more about nature along with a robust mind-set should dare to take up mountaineering as a hobby.

Mountaineering requires training and mental strength. The adrenaline rush on accomplishing this mountainous task is the thrill that most mountaineers seek. The thought of climbing a mountain, traversing unknown paths and honing the courage to face the worst physical barriers thrown one's way is probably where the true adventure lies in this activity. To do that efficaciously is definitely a lifetime experience. Enthusiasm and physical strength is directly or indirectly proportionate to the amount of fun one will have while climbing. Motivation and necessary physical strength is required to complete this long journey. Find out what your motivations are and why you want to go mountaineering in the first place. One must also be technically sound to make proper use of the equipment being carried. Don't under-estimate the sixth sense. Follow your guts always no matter what it says.

Mountaineering is not just about climbing the highest peak, it is a way of life for many people who seek to see nature in its full glory and greatness. Once you have prepared yourself physically and mentally and have armed yourself with the essential equipment, knowledge and skills, you are ready for your mountain expedition. So, don't just wait but start your journey right away and set out for the quest of a lifetime, which is sure to occur time and again as you fall in love with the mountains and their exotic beauty.

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