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The hobby of collecting comprises of searching, locating, acquiring, organizing, sorting, displaying, keeping, and maintaining stuffs that are of interest to an individual collector. Collections can be of various types, most based on the nature and scope of the items contained, but also in purpose, looks, and many more. The range of possible types of collection is practically unlimited, and collectors have realised a vast number of these types in practice.

In collections of manufactured items, the objects may be of antique value or simply collectable. Antiques are those items that are at least 100 years old, while other collectables are more recent. The relatively old collectables are referred to us vintage. Collecting is a childhood hobby for some people, but for others a lifelong passion or something started in adulthood. 
The most obvious way to categorize collections is by the type of objects collected. Most collections are of manufactured commercial items. However natural objects such as birds' eggs, butterflies, rocks, and seashells can also be matter of interest of a collection.
After a collectable has been purchased, its retail price no longer applies and its value is linked to what is called the secondary market. There is no secondary market for an item unless someone is willing to buy it, and an object's value is whatever the buyer is willing to pay.

There are many popular collectables, below are some of them.

  1. Antiques
  2. Autographs
  3. Coins
  4. Books
  5. Stamps

and many more.

At HobbyLancer, you can find many like minded people like you who are crazy about collection. You may come across some new collection item and start practicing it as your hobby. You may also barter your possession with some other precious item.

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