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Adventure Activities

From the term "Adventure", you are sure to feel the thrill and adrenaline rush involved in it. Some adventures also need rigorous trainings in order to perfect them. This category will list the activities that are equally adventurous and require minimum to no training. These activities are sure to leave life time memories.

Hot air ballooning - a famous activities in Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, etc - is man's first attempt to fly. It consists of big nylon balloon fitted with a burner generating hot air that determines how high the balloon will go. However height is controlled by atmospheric conditions, also on how high the pilot wants the balloon to go, and, of course, the fuel. To descend, reducing the burner to cool the air, allows the balloon to become heavier than air, it loses height. The wind conditions decide its direction.

A camel safari is the traditional way to discover desert regions – be it cultural history of Rajasthan or Sahara or Arabian, or the vast Nubra Valley in Ladakh. A camel can take you places where a jeep or ordinary motor vehicle will struggle to reach. The camel known as the ‘ship of the desert’; Enjoy the beautiful sand dunes as you travel over a camel.

Desert Safari Dubai specialises in tours of the vast and spectacular desert in the UAE. Catch a stunning view of the orange sunset in one of Dubai’s most adventurous activities. The morning safari includes sandboarding and taking in the amazing sunrise over the impressive landscape.

A Horseback and Elephant safari are royal modes of travel enabling a unique way of seeing a country up close. This had been a traditional mode of travel for both kings and commoners before the motor vehicles took over. These safaris have become a popular way acquainting oneself with the local culture and traditions.

Rafting, the sport of navigating a river in an inflatable raft, requires good amount of concentration, strength and training. Rafting is a challenging but tremendously fun activity. Thanks to the trained instructors, you have to keep the instructor’s safety tips in mind and you will surely get a great experience of lifetime.

Kayaking is a solo activity where you experience the beauty of water bodies. This activity requires some practice as staying upright is sometimes difficult. A kayak somewhat resembles a fishing boat, and usually comes fitted with a covered deck. There are two forms of kayaking – whitewater kayaking, where the paddler negotiates rapids and waterfalls (requires greater amount of skill), and ocean kayaking, where the kayak is piloted in open water or on a lake.

Canyons are gift of nature. It is a deep gorge with a narrow stream or river flowing through it. It is wonderful to see how a small river carves a piece of land into something so attractive and admiring. Canyoning is a recreational activity, wherein you explore a canyon. Canyoning can be a combination of activities like hiking, rappelling, bouldering, sliding, swimming, wading, scrambling and rafting.

Sea walking is the coolest new way to explore the sea with little to no experience spending time under the sea. It allows you to walk on the seafloor while you feel relaxed and at ease with your surroundings as you breathe normally. With a uniquely designed helmet and gear, you can dive and explore the bottom of ocean and explore.

Parasailing, also known as parascending or parakiting, is a recreational activity where a person is attached to a speedy vehicle and has a specially designed canopy wing resembling a parachute attached to his back, known as a parasail wing. The moving vehicle may be a car, truck, or speed boat. If the boat is powerful enough, two or three people can parasail behind it at the same time. The level and direction is controlled by the speed of vehicle and tension of the rope. When the activity descends you in the ocean, that is an awesome experience and must try.

Bungee jumping, is an activity where a person jumps from a great height while being connected to a large elastic cord. The launching pad is usually location at a high altitude as a building or crane, a bridge across a deep ravine, or a cliff. Jumping from a hot-air-balloon or helicopter is also an option. The most thrilling part is the free-falling and the rebound. When the person jumps, the cord stretches causing the jumper to recoils, and continues to oscillate up and down until all the kinetic energy is dissipated.

At HobbyLancer, we encourage you to experience the adventure activities as much as possible as they are safe. Share you memories with us and allow everyone to enjoy the fun through your pictures and videos.

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