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Trekking is a hobby for all nature lovers who are tired of their routine life. To go on trekking, one need not be young or possess the physique of an athlete; trekking requires one to be young at heart and have the enthusiasm for it. Also there is no specific time or age to indulge in this hobby; the best time for trekking is when your heart feels like doing it.

It can build a lot of stamina which you need in your daily life. Trekking along steep slopes or hilly regions can strengthen your leg muscles. While amidst the forests, hills and other such regions away from cities, you are exposed to clean air and your lungs experience high quality oxygen over dangerous mixtures of chlorides and fluorides present in the city air.

A "healthy mind in a healthy body"; so when you stay physically fit it's bound to have positive effects on your mind as well. After a few treks, you will realise that you go trekking as a severely over-burdened person but return rejuvenated. Thus, regular trekking can act as a stress buster for the pressures of everyday life. It adds dimension to your personality. Trekking in group is considered very safe and also involves team work. This teaches an individual to co-ordinate within a team and increase team effectiveness. Leadership qualities are tested and can serve as a great opportunity to make new friends. You also get acquainted with varied culture and folk.

A pinch of quiet time and a bit of the unperturbed scenery can go a long way in instilling ideas and evoking the creative genius in you.The world is full of places you haven't seen and each place holds its own secrets. Trekking opens you up to new places every time you decide to travel. Such exploration can work wonders for you and make sure you never tire of life and whatever it throws your way. Trekking helps you be more confident by instilling in you the faith that you can conquer anything no matter how unassailable something may seem.

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