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Mind Games

Mind sports involve games of skill and strategy that involves challenging the opponent's mental strength and dexterity in addition to providing constant scope for improvement. The term came into use during the Mind Sports Olympiad organised in 1997. Prior to this, the term was used by Tony Buzzan in 1996 in relation to backgammon. Strategy board games like chess, backgammon, checkers, Chinese checkers, mah-jong and dominoes etc in addition to card games, speed-cubing, quizzing and competitive video games comprise the category of mind games.

Mind sports require no physical agility and strength and are often not considered as true sports. Though their validity as sports has been questioned, a mind sport is the pursuit of intellectuals and strategists. Purer mental disciplines such as speed reading, computer programming and texting have also been listed as mind sports.

Card games are games that primarily use playing cards. Numerous card games exist, both traditional and game specific, though the rules of traditional formats tend to vary with region, culture and place. Cards can also be used in association with boards though the role of cards in such games is usually secondary. Popular card games include trick-taking games like Bridge, Spades and Euchre, matching games like Go fish, Old maid and Blue Canary, accumulating games like Slapjack, etc.

Strategy board games involve a lot of intellectual and strategic manoeuvres in which the players' unforced and independent decisions play a huge role in determining the result of the game. Abstract strategy games use thematic concepts and cannot have random elements or hidden information. Such games include Chess, Go etc. Team strategy games include two teams of two players involving offensive and defensive skills. Other games include simulation strategic games, wargames, strategic video games, etc.

Speedcubing involves solving puzzles, specially the Rubik's cube. Speedcubing involves a series of moves used alternatively to solve scrambled puzzles so that every face of the cube is a single colour. It is a popular activity in the Rubik's Cube community.

Strategic video games, quizzing and competitive video games are other forms of mind games played extensively around the world. Mind games are a wonderful way to relax at the end of the day, taking your mind off things and stimulating your brain in a productive way providing further scope for improvement.

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