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Fishing has been a source of recreation for men since time immemorial. Its development into the present form can be traced back to the year 1653 when Izaak Walton introduced the concept of 'fishing as a sport'. However, it was not until the mid -nineteenth century that fishing as a sport gained its maximum popularity.

Today fishing is a source of immense pleasure for the rich and the bourgeois. They spend their holidays or even leisure hours on a fishing vessel, adjusting the rod and the line, making their choice of natural bait or food crumb and honing their fishing skills. People travel far and wide in search of freshwater or saline water bodies during weekends to conduct fishing tours along sea sides and rivers.

Fishing as a contemporary sport can be broadly classified into two categories. These are freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. The three most common fishing tactics are bait fishing, spin fishing and fly fishing.

Bait fishing involves the use of live or dead bait that is attached to a hook with a short rod, reel and heavy line. The angler may opt for either the fish at the bottom depth or the school of fishes at the mid depth waters. Accordingly he may place the bait at the riverbed where he keeps it wobbling up and down to attract fish; or the bait is kept a little distance off the bottom. Either ways, the angler must tie a leader (a short column of steel or heavy nylon) between the hook and the regular nylon fishing line to prevent the fish from biting through the line. Lines come in a variety of diameters and strengths and anglers choose according to the size and weight of fish sought.

Spin fishing requires the use of a somewhat longer rod than bait fishing and is more often associated with artificial persuasions. Fly -fishing uses rods lighter than those used in the previous two and also longer in length. Dry-fly fishing uses flies floating on the water surface while wet-fly fishing uses flies sunk in water.

The pursuit of fishing as a hobby offers enjoyment, education, companionship of people with similar interests, relaxation, diversion, and very often moderate monetary gain.

The beautiful site on the banks of a deep blue river, the sun setting at the valley and the birds returning to their nests after the day's toiling are ideal surroundings that every individual would venture to enjoy. Your spirits are rejuvenated by the warmth of the sun and you can feel the cool breeze blowing off the water. Fishing provides one the jocund company of nature. But one should keep in mind the possible repercussions of one' actions. Excessive fishing in the breeding season or even during ordinary times might lead to the depletion of some species. Many anglers derive pleasure only in catching fish but release them back into the water. As a matter of fact recreational or sport fishing is basically for pleasure or competition. Recreational fishing has rules, conventions, licensing restrictions and barriers in the form of limits which may include the types and number of fish to be caught.

Fishing also requires skills and knowledge in matters of fish, bait, rods, lines, lures, floats and reel.

Parents who find it difficult to entice their children into getting some fresh air or sunlight out of doors should take them out for fishing. Kids can also make funny faces at the camera holding their trophy and add some memorable pictures to their holiday scrapbooks.

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People of all ages and groups can enjoy fishing. It is an exhilarating experience. Learning fishing does not require specific abilities. It is an inexpensive hobby where you get to meet nature and your friends in water personally. So share your love for fishing at Hobbylancer and spread the joy all around!

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