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Cooking is one of the easiest hobbies to pursue and can be exceedingly fun. Do you like experimenting with new ingredients and recipes? Does the aroma of spices and broth trigger a sense of contentment and release the tension between your shoulders? Does the taste of subtle flavours in your mouth transcend you beyond the boundaries of ordinary existence? For the hobbyist in you, cooking is then a reward in itself.

Getting started is easiest as all you need is a kitchen and ingredients. You can begin by preparing recipes from books, videos, food blogs, etc and as you try more and more recipes, your culinary skills will grow in addition to increasing your confidence. One may also enrol for cooking classes or join online cooking forums to interact with other enthusiasts. Some basic things that you may require are utensils, a peeler, grater, knives and cutting boards.

As a beginner, choose some recipes that are simple, collect the necessary ingredients for the recipe together and make sure they are fresh. Clean the ingredients before you begin and peel, grate, wash, cut and slice as required. Stick to healthy cooking without compromising on taste and be willing to try out different cuisines from different cultures. This not only improves your skills but helps the cook in you to come up with recipes of your own.

While some people cook to relax, others enjoy the thrill of experimenting with various flavours and exotic dishes. There is something almost wonderful in bringing together varieties of ingredients and watching them combine their individual flavours to form something so different from their tastes and yet distinct in its own way. The amount of interest that cooking shows and food blogs garner is a proof to the fact that cooking is an extremely popular and widely practised hobby. Skilled cooks can even make a career out of it and decide to chase cooking as a full time job alternative.

Hobbylancer and You

At Hobbylancer, find cooking schools, discover recipes, organise cooking shows, put up recipes and videos of your own and learn from cooking tutorials online. Beginners can find basic recipes and learn from experts through tutorials or forums and even locate their nearest cooking schools. Experts can put up their own tutorials and recipes and lead their own cooking schools. Join us and help us bridge the gap between the amateur and the expert at Hobbylancer!

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