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Wine Tasting

So you have heard a lot about wine tasting but are unsure if you can be one too? Wine tasting requires a person to be aware of his senses to indulge in this art that is becoming increasingly popular today. Though the art of wine tasting is as old as wine itself, professional tasters or sommeliers at present follow a more formal methodology to evaluate wine.

The wine taster must be increasingly aware of his surroundings. Unwanted fragrances, cooking smells, odour of any kind, smell of detergents in the glass or dust, etc may affect your ability to smell the aroma of the wine. The temperature of the wine is an important factor too. Wine that is highly chilled can be warmed by rubbing the glass with your hands. Swirl the wine around the glass to rinse away any residual mustiness present.

Once you have perfected the conditions for tasting, proceed to evaluate the wine by sight. The glass should be full upto one-third of its capacity. Look straight down to assess the intensity of colour which is an indication of the density. Hold the glass to the light and also give it a tilt to determine the complete range of its colour. The light also helps you determine the clarity of the wine and tilting the glass provides an idea as to the age of the wine. While a wine that is pale and thin near the edge is likely to be bland, a wine that is thick and rich in colour is older.

Give the glass a final good swirl to see if the wine forms 'legs' or 'tears' while sliding down the glass. A wine that runs down the sides forming legs is better, richer, denser and more satisfying in taste.

Now that you have figured out a few things about the wine, give it a few short sniffs from above the brim. With continued practice, the wine taster in you will be able to sniff and decipher the various aromas to decide prior to tasting if a wine is good or bad. Fruit and floral aromas may be accompanied by herbs, wood barrel and other secondary aromas.

At last taste the wine. Take a small sip and suck it in like you would do with a straw. This will spread the taste and make your encounter with the various tastes hidden in the wine easier and prominent. A wide range of fruit, flower, herbs, mineral, barrel and other flavours will be present in the wine which will confirm the smells you encountered while sniffing. Use your taste buds to determine if the wine is balanced and harmonious.

The beginner can choose to attend any of the numerous wine tasting classes that teach the aspiring wine taster the intricate methodologies and techniques behind wine tasting. Professional training is also provided to sommeliers and wine makers to help them assess the quality of wine. With more and more people choosing off beat careers that provide opportunities to pursue their passion, wine tasting might just be the next big thing.

Hobbylancer and You

So what opportunities does Hobbylancer afford to the wine taster in you? We give you the platform to connect with sommeliers from around the world. Train under professionals or join wine tasting classes, apply for posts that let you indulge your hobby and write reviews as a wine taster. We connect you to the world of wine tasting and so much more. Let the professional grow in you and let those tastes engulf your senses at Hobbylancer!

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