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Food Blogging

For the foodie who loves cooking, visiting various joints and discussing the subtlety of flavours hidden in the dishes, food blogging can be an absolute delight. You can choose to upload innovative recipes or review various restaurants and even combine it with travelling and chase your love for food the world over.

So how to begin a blog in the first place? To create and host your own blog, you can choose Blogger (by Google) or Wordpress which are two of the most popular platforms to host the same. You can also obtain your own domain or opt for a free Blogspot or Wordpress domain.

Maintaining blogs require a lot of dedication. The food blogger can upload recipes, tips on healthy food habits, articles on careers related to food and review food joints. While blogging, make sure the material you publish is authentic and original. Post about what you love and let it do all the talking. Also publish your posts regularly and dedicatedly and don't let the slow growth of audience undermine your determination.

As a food blogger, visit other sites, interact with other bloggers, leave them feedback appreciating their work and respond to your own comments. Let your presence be felt in the blogosphere. Make sure that your readers are not subjected to the tedious task of authenticating their identities through captchas and verifications. With social media platforms being used rigorously for advertisement, don't stay behind your peers and exploit these platforms to their full potential. Make it easy to share your posts to these sites by providing media sharing buttons for the users. Share your posts on social media and if necessary, create a Facebook page for the same.

Post recipes that promise to be delicious and are original. If you are publishing reviews, make sure they are honest. Refrain from copying the content of other bloggers though you can draw inspiration from your fellow peers and provide links to the source that inspired you in the first place. It is also preferable to buy your own domain instead of hosting blogs on BlogSpot or Wordpress (free domains) as your audience takes you more seriously. Search optimize your blog and research as much as you can on Search Engine Optimization to increase foot-falls to your blog.

Most importantly work hard and do not lose patience. Food blogging can be extremely rewarding for the foodie in you and a little fortitude can go a long way to establishing a good reputation in blogosphere.

Hobbylancer and You

At Hobbylancer, share posts from your blog, advertise and connect with other food bloggers. Visit their sites and increase foot-fall to your site by letting them know about your own blog. Ask reputed food bloggers to guest blog on your site and have your queries answered to at our forum. Learn about SEO, discover new recipes and restaurants, post healthy tips and spread the love for food with us!

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