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Coding is a cogent process in which data, in both mensurable form (such as questionnaires results) or qualitative (such as interview transcripts) is classified to expedite analysis. Coding is the mechanism of transformation of data into a form comprehensible by computer software. The classification of information and instruction is a paramount step in the preparation of data for computer processing with statistical software.

It's incredible to think how much the world has transformed since 1991, when the World Wide Web was first invented by Tim Berners lee in association with CERN. The web has taken over our lives and it's showing no sign of ceasing. Who knows where the web will take us in the future? Perhaps in another 10 years every person will have their own website. If one thing's certain, it's that a website is a very valuable thing to have these days. Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites. Your browser, your Operating System, the apps on your phone, Facebook, etc are all codes. Learning to code empowers you to do many things you wouldn't otherwise be able to do. These include hand-crafting your own websites, becoming a career coder or even starting a technology business. Most importantly, you'll be able to understand the technology shaping your world. You've undoubtedly heard or read somewhere that everyone needs to learn coding, right? Well, people say that for a reason! Whether you're looking for a career in the industry, starting a new hobby or making an effort to understand technology, you can benefit in numerous ways just by learning coding.

The demand for coders far exceeds the supply, and hence there is a dire need for coders. Computer programming is a process that leads from an original and authentic production of a computing problem to executable computer programs. Programming entails activities such as analysis, developing understanding, generating algorithms, verification of requirements of algorithms including their correctness and resources consumption, and implementation (commonly referred to as coding of algorithms) in a target programming language as well as understanding the time and space complexities of algorithms. Source code is written in one or more programming languages like Java, Perl, Python,Php,etc. The purpose of programming is to find a sequence of instructions to the computer that will automate performing a specific task or solving a given problem. The process of programming thus often requires expertise and skills in many different spheres, including knowledge of the application domain, specialized algorithms and formal and basic logic of the code.

The basic aim behind developing software or any application has always been to provide simpler solutions to complex problems. Coding provides the means to do this. It's not that only computer engineers can code. Today people are taking it up as a hobby and developing amazing softwares and applications.

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